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circuit design software

9 Free And Open Source Software For Circuit Designing

A circuit design software forms a very essential part of an electronics engineer's life. A good tool allows you to build designs and checks for problems with the design at regular intervals....

What Is Light Dependent Resistors (LDR)?

LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) as the name states it is a special type of resistor that works on the photoconductivity principle means that resistance changes according to the intensity of light....
Difference Between AC and DC

What Is The Difference Between AC and DC?

Before getting deep dive into the question which is more dangerous and which is more efficient we let’s talk about AC and DC. What is AC Current? The AC current changes its polarity...
circuit projects ideas

11 Awesome Circuit Project Ideas!

From our collection of circuit projects, we bring to you a list of 11 popular ones to help you out! Enjoy! 1. Handy Tester For beginners, here is a low-cost multitester that can...

OLED Displays and Their Applications

An overview of the current status of OLEDs along with different OLED types and their applications Over the last few years, organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) have found promising applications in flat-panel displays,...
setup 555 timer circuit in monostable mode

How to Set Up a 555 Timer Circuit in Monostable Mode

The 555 timer gets its name from the three 5 kΩ resistors it uses to generate the two comparators reference voltage. It is a very cheap, popular and useful precision timing...

What is the Difference Between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to add some digital information on an image. Or else we can say that AR is...

8 Free And Open Source Software For SCADA

Looking for open source alternatives to your Scada software? Here's bringing 8 free and open source software to create your ICS for free. Enjoy! SCADA relates to software which is used to...

ATmega8 Pin Diagram | ATmega8 Datasheet

AVR is a family of microcontrollers developed by Atmel beginning in 1996. These are modified Harvard architecture 8-bit RISC single-chip microcontrollers. The Atmel AVR core combines a rich instruction set with...
magnetic switch

What Is a Magnetic Switch And What Are Its Applications?

A magnetic switch is an electrical switch that makes or breaks contacts in the presence of a magnetic field. That is, the switch remains actuated as long as a strong magnetic field...

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