MSP432P401x Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers

A guide to a very efficient ultra-low-power mixedsignal MCUs. The MSP432P401x family features the ARM Cortex-M4 processor in a wide configuration of device options including a rich set of analog, timing,...

WHITEPAPER: Top Considerations for Enterprise SSDs A Primer (Part 3)

Read Part 2 Quality of Service In mission critical environments, the consistency of SSD performance is paramount. But controller tasks like garbage collection or wear-leveling operating concurrently with IO traffic can severely impact...

Elite Precision Super-TCXOs for 5G, Small Cell and Time Synchronisation

Have you heard of an elite precision Super-TCXO for 5G, Small Cell and Time Synchronisation? It can stand up to common environmental hazards – airflow, temperature perturbation, vibration, shock, power supply noise...

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