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12 Free eBooks On Machine Learning!

If designing and programming the brain for a robot fantasize you, then 'Machine Learning' is your subject. Here we bring to you 15 ebooks on the discipline, which are free to...

9 Health Tech DIYs You Should Definitely Try!

Do you love DIYing? Are you looking for new projects to make? Here's bringing, 9 DIY projects on health tech with complete schematics, block diagrams, design guide and source files. Go...
How Google Search Engine Works

How Google Search Engine Works

We all witness every day how incredibly Google enables us to access a specific piece of information. But do you know how Google is able to offer matching search results out...

How Television Came Into Being

The saga of television reads like a thriller. No Eureka moment, no single scientist, no Nobel prize. But there was snooping, spying and court room drama Krishna Murty Kommajosyula When Logie Baird took...
circuit ebooks

10 Free eBooks On Circuits

From understanding basic circuits to creating complex circuits, from analog to digital circuits, from designing circuits on PCs to circuits analysis, these free ebooks on electronics carries everything that you ever...

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