Saturday, November 27, 2021

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Smart Car Back Camera And Collision Protection

Most people use the side and rear-view mirrors to manoeuvre their cars since a camera installed at the back of the car can be quite expensive. So, today we have undertaken...
Wind Solar Hybrid System

Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems To Improve Grid Stability

Using renewable energy sources like wind and solar for power generation has helped in reducing carbon footprints and made power available to non-electrified remote areas. A Wind Solar hybrid power system...

Five Pieces of Advice I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Career

Congratulations to the members of class of 2020 who are newly embarking on a journey into the workforce! This marks an important phase in your lives as you transition from the...
Home IoT Projects

Have Some Fun Doing These Useful Home IoT Projects With Raspberry Pi

IoT projects can be fun and a great learning experience for budding programmers. Due to the pandemic, most of us are still stuck at home. This can be a great opportunity...

Robotic Hand Built With Anatomy Similar To That Of A Human Hand

An exceptionally precise and portable tool, the robotic hand has the ability to manipulate objects and skillfully perform the tasks that are hard for a human to do so Inspired by human...
Home Quarantine

Home Quarantine Using Face Recognition

The title might seem a bit confusing but I’ll explain. Face Recognition for Home Quarantine is a smart system that restricts other people from entering your home without permission. It works...

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