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Multiprotocol Connectivity Module With Energy Harvesting Capability

Telink energy harvesting module with wireless connectivity will simplify designing batteryless remote control. TLSR8273-M-EH from Telink is a multiprotocol connectivity module with an in-built energy harvesting capability. The highly integrated module has...

Wi-Fi Chip With Battery Consumption Equivalent To BLE Chips

The UBI206 chip can bring Wi-Fi connectivity to your IoT solution while consuming lesser battery power than a BLE chip. Ubilite has released the UBI206 platform based on its UBI206 System on...

SoC For Designing Ultra-Low Power IoT Devices

SiWx917 is an SoC that can help you design an IoT device with the latest connectivity options that last for years on a single charge. SiWx917 System on Chip (SoC) from Silicon...

Robot Sketches Electrical Circuits To Survive

Researchers introduced a novel robotic system that can power itself by painting electrical circuits using graphene-based conductive ink Researchers find new ways to make robots self-reliant to complete missions in different familiar...

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