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A Father-Son Duo’s Quest Towards a Connected World

It was a hobby that became a passion while attempting to bring down combinatorial sets from exponential highs to bounds that could be minimal. In the end, what came out was...
Anton Doos

“VOLTX.AI Is A Productivity Suite For Battery Designers…A Free Version Is Available”

EFY chanced upon, a firm that claims to offer an innovative design tool for battery designers, and spoke to Anton Doos, the CEO, to understand the tool better and their...

“How Government Drafts Policies, And How You Can Contribute”

Are policies and schemes the same thing? What’s the process that the government follows to make new policies and schemes? What are the ways an individual can contribute to government policies?...

Reimagining Cybersecurity in a Futuristic Way

QNu Labs, pronounced as Q-New, is India’s only Quantum-tech Cybersecurity company. In an interview with EFY, Sunil Gupta, Co-founder & CEO of QNu Labs, talks about the company’s unique products, vision...

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