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IoT-Exclusive Experience Retail Stores Coming to India, With Airflash

When it comes to retail stores and shopping, e-commerce giants viz Flipkart and Amazon are already ruling the roost in India as you get your stuff right at the comfort of...

“More Than Fifty Per Cent Of Searches Will Be Voice Based By 2020″

Voice technology, speech recognition and deep learning have changed the face of search as we know it. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and Big Data technologies are sure to help...

Telecommunication: They Can Sell Only If It Complies With SAR Test Requirements

Telecommunication Engineering Centre and Department of Telecommunications have strict rules on SAR measurements, and it is mandatory for any mobile phone imported to India to be tested for SAR. Benoit Derat,...
IoT in India

At Mintbox Technologies, The Main Focus Is IoT-Driven Consumer Electronics

We caught up with Rishi Hegde - chief executive officer (CEO) at Mintbox Technologies in order to find out Mintbox's contribution to the indian Internet Of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Check out the...

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