This section features all the Basic Electronics articles which will be very useful for Engineers, Electronics Enthusiasts and for those who have just started learning about Electronics.


How kilowatt-hour meters work (electromechanical)

A complete video tutorial on how Electromechanical Kilowatt-hour meters works along with the detailed teardown. Courtesy: Applied Science  
splicing wires

Various Types of Wires and Cables

Upon completion of this presentation, you will be able to understand the following: Introduction to wires Types of wires in details Introduction to cables Difference between wires and cables Construction of...
Demystifying Thermopile Sensors

Demystifying Thermopile Sensors

Thermopile temperature sensors offer the advantage of non-contact temperature measurement, which has made them more popular than traditional contact-type temperature sensors. These sensors use infrared (IR) radiation for heat transfer, and...

13 Helpful eBooks On MATLAB!

These 13 ebooks cater to everyone from students, freshmen and engineers. Happy reading!! 1. Numerical Computing with Matlab Author: by Cleve B. Moler Publisher: SIAM, 2004 This textbook provides an introductory course in numerical methods,...
diy microphone with CRO

Introduction To Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO)

Since its invention in 1897, the cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO) has come a long way in being used as a means to detect the presence of electrons. It is an integral part...

Tutorial: What is a zener diode?

A tutorial on the Zener Diode and how to use them as voltage clamps, voltage regulators, and how to create audio distortion circuits. Circuit symbol Working of a Zener Diode With a regular...

Basics of Solar Cells

A solar cell, or photovoltaic cell is an electrical device that converts the Light energy directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. After the completion of the presentation, you will be able to...

Beginners DIY in Hindi: Clap On Clap Off Switch

A "Clap On Clap Off" switch is an interesting concept that could be used in home automation. It works as a switch which makes devices On and Off by making a...
magnetic switch

What Is a Magnetic Switch And What Are Its Applications?

A magnetic switch is an electrical switch that makes or breaks contacts in the presence of a magnetic field. That is, the switch remains actuated as long as a strong magnetic field...

Video Tutorial: Laser / LED Driver and Current Source

In this video, the author is going to show how to use an LM317 to build a constant current driver for LEDs and laser diodes. Courtesy: Afrotechmods  

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