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Li-Fi: The Brighter Way to Communicate

Light Fidelity is a light-based Wi-Fi that can transmit data more swiftly, safely and securely, thereby holding immense potential for multiple domains. Globally, Wi-Fi has been used for years to access and...

Micropython of Things

MicroPython is a lightweight and quick version of the Python 3 programming language optimised specifically to run on a micro controller. MicroPython and the ESP8266 board compliment each other like a...

Grab Your Beagles Before Stocks Run Out!

The Beagles are open-hardware, open-software tiny computers. Beagles give the same advantage of using a PC while saving big time on the space which bulky computers occupy. They are used by students to...

7nm IC Technology Trends And Challenges (Part 1 of 2)

The nanometer (nm) process world is a great mess. Today we see 350nm to 90nm in declining mode, 65nm to 32nm still moving towards maturity and 22nm to 14nm in growth...

What’s New In The Latest Microcontrollers?

Targeting the simple application tier, microcontroller (MCU) vendors continue to drive their products to break new limits of cost, current drain and size, while adding features to ease development, hoping to...
Ewaste Management In India

E-waste Management In India

The electronics industry is the world’s largest and fastest growing manufacturing industry. Recent policy changes in India have led to an influx of leading multinational companies to set up electronics manufacturing...

How Anti-Collision System Works For Trains

An anti-collision system for trains is an electronic system that is designated to ensure safety of the passengers and proper operation of trains. It helps avoid the risk of dangerous and...

Touch-Screen, Wireless and Detachable Displays Make Modern Multimeters Exciting

From general-purpose to high-end measurements, multimeters are widely-used tools. Today, there is an extensive variety of multimeters in the market, including ones with wireless capabilities and touch-screen interfaces to make measurements...
frequency spectrum analysis

Frequency Spectrum Analysis of Signals

Whether it is for tuning of a musical instrument or searching for extraterrestrial radio signals, frequency spectrum analysis of signals provides valuable information otherwise not available. While an oscilloscope displays a...

Watchdog Timer for Robust Embedded Systems

In a complex embedded system, a small bug may crash the whole system, or worse, put it into a dangerous operating mode. Bugs are not the only problem. A perfectly-designed-and-tested device...

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