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Virtual Reality now moving Towards Real-Life Scenarios

Virtual reality (VR) allows experiences from a very different perspective than we are used to. According to a user, “You come to a place that is controllable and not defined by...

RFID Technology: A Complete Overview

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology involves the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the RF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to uniquely identify an object, animal or person. It has established...

Printed Integrated Circuits That Consist Of Several Hundred Transistors

These printed large-scale integrated circuits are made of a special conducting material that can do fast processing and the printing ink allows extremely fine micrometre connections to be made with ease. When...

littleBits: Electronics ‘Building Blocks’ For Learning and Prototyping

  AUGUST 2012: Is littleBits a toy, a learning kit, or an innovation tool? Well, it looks like a toy but if it is making it to the 'top' lists of CNN,...

LTE-A Continuing To Evolve Towards 5G

When we talk about network evolution it is by no means all about 5G. Despite all the resources being poured into developing the technology for the next generation of mobile communications...

Electronics + Humans = Evolution?

Evolution itself is evolving. What began as “survival of the fittest” now includes social elements that fiddle with and influence this simplest of paradigms. The classical definition of evolution is made...

IRNSS: India’s Attempt At Gaining Independence From GPS

“Indian Regional Navigation Spacecraft System (IRNSS) is the Indian navigation system that envisages the establishment of the regional navigation system using a combination of geostationary orbit (GEO) and geosynchronous orbit (GSO)...

Data Centres Gearing up to Harness IoT Technologies

The IoT (Internet of Things), is a network of devices connected to the Internet that gathers and transmits data. The ubiquitous adoption of devices like smartphones, to cars, to refrigerators to...
Stretchable antenna for wearables

Wearable Electronics: 0.1 mm precision in Embroidering Circuits into Fabrics

With an 0.1 mm precision in embroidering circuits into fabrics, The Ohio State University have reached a new milestone in developing wearable electronics. This advance is the next step toward designing...

The Latest In Artificial Intelligence And Its Applications

AI is becoming a disruptive force that is redefining the modern industry. This article features some exciting applications of AI, along with a glimpse into the future, illustrating how AI will...

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