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Part 1 of 2: Flexible Electronics: The Next Ubiquitous Platform

Flexible electronics is lightweight, rugged, bendable, roll-able, portable and potentially foldable. Ever-evolving advances in thin-film materials and devices have fuelled many of the developments in the field of flexible electronics. These...

Directed Energy Weapons: More On High-Energy Laser Weapons (Part 8 of 8)

In this concluding part of the article, let us wrap up by learning some more about high-energy laser weapons. Beam combination of multiple lasers Power scale-up to ten to hundreds of kilowatts in...

ARM Extends Their Portfolio with Apical Acquisition

ARM has now acquired Apical, a global manufacturer of imaging and embedded computer vision technology that allow next generation devices to understand and act intelligently on information from their environment. Apical is one of...

Security Tips | Critical Layer | Bitcoin for Hackers

3 Ways Developers can Improve IoT Security on Their Devices The much-beloved Internet of Things has come to fundamentally reshape how firms in virtually every industry operate. Nonetheless, the 21st century phenomenon...

Hand In Hand With GPS

The global positioning system (GPS) is a satellite-based global navigation satellite system (GNSS) that provides various types of information including geographic location, latitude, longitude, altitude, time, etc. It is a reliable...

Telecom Revolution: 4G and Beyond

AUGUST 2012: This year, Bharti Airtel launched a ‘4G’ service in Kolkata and Bengaluru, making India one of the first nations to adopt the newest baby in the wireless world. 4G...

What Drives Spectrum Analysers

While incremental specification enhancements are taken as a given in any field driven by technology, the past year has seen some interesting advances on the side of improving test and measurement...

“DLP technology makes 3D projection much more affordable”

EFY team caught up with Kent Novak, Senior VP and GM, DLP Products, Texas Instruments, who talked about TI's DLP technology and how it's playing an enabling role in the growth...

Wind River Unveils Cloud Suite and Free Cloud-Connected Operating Systems to Accelerate IoT

Wind River®, a global leader in delivering software for the Internet of Things (IoT), has significantly expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of a comprehensive cloud suite, Wind River Helix™...

RF Surveillance: A Case of Homeland and Border Security

  Although security threat can emerge from many sources, the one which is really brutal and catastrophic is terrorism. Terrorism has far reaching consequences like loss of human life and property, and...

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