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Electron Microscope Slow-Motion Video Of Vinyl LP

In this video, the presenter describes how he made a stop motion animation of a phonograph needle in an LP groove using an electron microscope. He also shows electron micrographs of other...

ESPSMS (Episode 2) Temperature | Weather Information

This is the second episode of the series ESPSMS - your DIY personal assistant. If you don't know what ESPSMS is and how to make your own personal assistant, have a...

Bringing Back the iPhone 7 Headphone Jack

In this video, the presenter will show you how he brought back the headphone jack in iPhone 7. He shot the full story from beginning to the end, problems, their solutions...

Solutions Proposed By 60 Smartcities

The 60 approved Smart Cities have all submitted their proposals on solutions required to make their cities ‘smart’. This includes a set of IoT-powered requirements. The talk aims to provide an...

Standardisation for the IoT Ecosystem: An Enabler? Or a roadblock?

Innovation is proliferating like anything today. The IoT has brought in the innovation to a very different level where everybody is trying to define it in their own way and to...

“Deep Learning”: Deep Dive Into Large Data

Understand why we need deep learning and how it is relevant to current engineering problems. Get introduced to application areas of deep learning related to signal processing and computer vision. Kick...

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