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What should You know about IoT?

What is the IoT? IoT is the layer layer of digital technology added atop the objects in this world—smart phones, consumer goods, home appliances, governance tools, office infrastructure, health support, and just...

Slideshow: Electronic Nose

An electronic nose or e-nose is a device that detects odours or flavours. An electronic nose consists of an array of electronic sensors and pattern recognition for chemical detection. Upon completion of...

Introduction to Windows IoT via Raspberry Pi 3

Learn how to run motors and servo's, build information radiators, communicate with Azure IoT, and even serve up web pages using Microsoft's smallest operating system: Windows IoT and a Raspberry Pi...

Electronics Projects List for Engineers

This presentation includes various Electronics projects idea for college students and professionals. This presentation includes 100 best projects ideas which are all having high demand and are used for real life purpose...

Electronic Code Lock Device

This presentation includes project on Electronic code lock device. It includes: Circuit design of Electronics Code Lock Introduction to the project Block diagram Components used in the project Features Block diagram of...

Electrical Grounding and Earthing Systems

In this slideshow, you will be able to understand the difference between Ground and Neutral, types of Earthing systems, types of Grounding, its uses, concept of Virtual Ground, Multipoint Ground etc. ...

Smart Materials for DIY Projects

An overview of few special materials, most of which are available commercially and can be used on DIY projects. Smart Materials for DIY Projects from Catarina Mota

Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy

This presentation will give you a brief tutorial on Bluetooth Low Energy. Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy from yeokm1

Working of a Touchscreen

This presentation includes working of a touchscreen. Its types, advantages and disadvantages. Touchscreen PPT from 76 Degree Creative

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