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Serial Communication In Atmega 16 Microcontroller

Serial communication: It is the process of sending data one bit at a time, sequentially, over a communication channel or computer bus. In this slideshow, we will learn the following: Basics of...
high voltage circuit breaker

High Voltage Circuit Breaker

A high voltage circuit breaker is an automatic device for stopping the flow of current in an electric circuit as a safety measure including damage caused by the excess current. Upon completion of...
splicing wires

Various Types of Wires and Cables

Upon completion of this presentation, you will be able to understand the following: Introduction to wires Types of wires in details Introduction to cables Difference between wires and cables Construction of...

Smart Wireless Surveillance Monitoring using RASPBERRY PI

This is a presentation on project "Smart Surveillance Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi". It includes the full details of the procedure , component description and the screenshots. Smart Wireless Surveillance Monitoring...

What should You know about IoT?

What is the IoT? IoT is the layer layer of digital technology added atop the objects in this world—smart phones, consumer goods, home appliances, governance tools, office infrastructure, health support, and just...

Smart Materials for DIY Projects

An overview of few special materials, most of which are available commercially and can be used on DIY projects. Smart Materials for DIY Projects from Catarina Mota
Types of diodes

Diodes & It’s Application

In this slideshow given below, the author will be explaining about Diodes and its application. He will explain the various types of diodes along with different biases and how it works. He will...

Basics of Embedded Systems

Given below is the presentation on basics of embedded systems by Dr M Muruganandam Masilamani. This presentation mainly includes: Introduction to System Overview of Embedded system Components of Embedded system Embedded system...

Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy

This presentation will give you a brief tutorial on Bluetooth Low Energy. Introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy from yeokm1

Introduction to MATLAB

A basic overview, application and usage of MATLAB programming language. Upon completion of the presentation you will be able to understand: MATLAB Overview Various use cases of MATLAB OCTAVE introduction and installation ...

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