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An amazing collection of videos for electronics engineers!

Learn Arduino In Just 15 Minutes

In this video, the presenter has given a brief tutorial on Arduino, especially for beginners. Learn how to choose an Arduino development board Various project examples on dimming LEDs, build a motor speed...

How To: Constructing a Simple Audio Amplifier

How to use the popular LM386 class AB audio amplifier IC to build a simple mono 1-watt audio amplifier. It costs less than $3 in parts! Courtesy: Afrotechmods

How To: Charge Your Cell phone with a Fan

In this video, the author is trying to make a system that will allow him to charge a cell phone with a fan. Courtesy: kipkay  

Video Tutorial: How Does Wireless Charging Work?

In this video, the author will show you the operational behaviour of a transformer and how we can create a crude wireless energy transfer system. Courtesy: GreatScott!  

Salvaging Useful Parts from Printers and Scanners

In this video, the author has teardown an HP Printer for salvaging useful parts that can be used in various projects. Courtesy: The Post Apocalyptic Inventor    

Basics of Impedance

In this video, the presenter will tell you about the basics of Impedance i.e. concept of resistance extended to AC circuit: How capacitors and inductors act as "resistors" with an AC...

Make Your own Paper Plate Speaker

Here's how to make a real working paper plate speaker for under 100INR. Courtesy: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"  

Overview of Basic Electronic Components

In this video, the presenter will be giving you an overview on Identifying Electronic components and their functions for those who are new to electronics. Courtesy: bigclivedotcom

Demo Video: USB Killer Device Overview

The USB Killer is a testing device created to test the USB ports against power surge attacks. The USB Killer 2.0 tests your device's resistance against this attack. The USB Kill collects...

How To Calculate The Maximum Power Output From A Solar Panel?

This video demonstrates calculating the maximum power output from a solar panel and discusses determining the optimum resistive load for a solar panel. Video Courtesy: ScienceOnline

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