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An amazing collection of videos for electronics engineers!

Arduino RFID Lock

In this video, the presenter will construct a simple locking mechanism using a 12 V solenoid, RFID module and an Arduino UNO development board. This smart lock will work with RFID Tags. Courtesy: MakeUseOf  
star delta

Why a Star-Delta Starter is Needed?

How does an Induction motor start? In order to start a high power-rating induction motor, a starting technique called star delta is used. In this video, the presenter will help you understand...

How DC Motors Works?

In this video, the author is explaining the working of the DC motor with the help of animation. It includes construction details of DC Motor, Shunt & Series motor, concept of...

Open Hardware Multimeter Concept

This video shows a very interesting concept of how you can build an open hardware multimeter, which lets you get considerable accuracy at a cost that is somewhat lower than existing commercial...
Khadas VIM2

Review: Khadas VIM2 Board

In this video from Novaspirit Tech, the presenter is going to give you a quick product review of Khadas VMI2 development board. He would also be comparing it to Raspberry Pi...

SCADA Basics: An Overview of Automatic Control Systems

SCADA relates to software which is used to control hardware and acquire data from these devices. When we break it down to essentials, we have Supervisory control and data acquisition, which...

Video Tutorial: How an accelerometer works

The accelerometer is defined as an instrument for measuring the acceleration of a moving or vibrating body. In this video, the presenter will explain the working of an accelerometer. Courtesy: Afrotechmods

Make your own Low Budget Bluetooth Music System

In this video, the author will show you how he combined an old speaker with a cheap Bluetooth receiver module. He made a small power amp for the speaker and put...

Microelectronics For The IoT – Often Invisible But Always Indispensable

The buzzwords smart cities, industry 4.0, autonomous driving, telemedicine, or ambient assisted living are driven by mega trends in the societies worldwide. It can be sub summarized as an ongoing trend...

Brushless DC Motors and Brushed DC Motors explained

In this video author give an overview over different electric motors. He also gives an explanation of the Brushless DC Motor and the Brushed DC Motor. Courtesy: The Post Apocalyptic Inventor  

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