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How to: Drive LEDs – Easy Constant Current Circuit

Here's a great way to control LEDs in a constant current mode using the TLV431 shunt regulator. Courtesy: Kevin Darrah  

Tutorial: Charge your phone with AA batteries

Find out how to charge your phone with AA batteries. Courtesy:GreatScott!  

Repair: Remote Controllers

Here is how to fix or repair broken circuit of remote control for TV, PS3, XBOX360 etc. Courtesy:Tampatec    

Arduino – Control 220V Lamps from Anywhere in the World

Download source code and schematics: click here Courtesy: Rui Santos  

Tutorial: MOSFETs as Transistor Switches

MOSFETs are the most common transistors used today. They are switches that can be used an Arduino, BeagleBone, or Raspberry Pi. When it comes down to it, MOSFETs are pretty complicated...

Tutorial: BJTs as Transistor Switches

Transistors are electronic switches that are used to control things that would kill an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Beaglebone. There are two major types known as a BJT and MOSFET. This...

Tutorial: Super Simple Copper Etching – Sylvia’s Mini Maker Show

Did you ever want to upgrade your bread-boarded circuits to something more permanent? Or maybe you've got a hankering to make your own metal Jewellery? Today Sylvia will show you how...

Tutorial: Mini Fume Extractor

In this video, the author will be creating a candy tin fume absorber that helps keep your surrounding air clean and your lungs healthy while soldering. Courtesy: Make:  

13 Places With Video Playlists And Text Tutorials On Android App Development

After the success of our recent article "5 Free E-books On Android Development!", we bring to you 13 places where you can find video and text tutorials to help you in...

How a Hard Drive works in Slow Motion

Inside a hard drive. Shot at 1000FPS. Courtesy: The Slow Mo Guys  

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