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Drones: How Do They work?

Drones have evolved over the years and become perfect flying machines. Why are drones designed the way they are today? Why are they so efficient at moving so swiftly? In this video,...

Succeeding with Digitally Evolved Sales & Marketing in the Semiconductor Industry: Phil Davies, Vicor

Would you like insights on how semiconductor firms are evolving through smarter sales and marketing strategies? Watch this interview to know how Vicor does it, and hear about Phil Davies' unique...

Capacitors Working In Series & Parallel

In this video tutorial, the presenter will take a look at how capacitors work differently in series vs parallel configurations! Courtesy: Simply Electronics

How To Build Your Own Oxygen Concentrator

In this video, the presenter is constructing an Oxygen Concentrator. The concentrator can be made at home using the valve and tube to compress the air and with the help of...

What Is LoRa / LoRaWAN?

LoRa stands for Long Range. LoRaWAN, also known as LPWAN, stands for Long Range Wide Area Network. LoRaWAN is a protocol designed to connect devices to the Internet for IoT applications....

What Are Potentiometers?

In this video tutorial, the presenter will be explaining it to the basic of Potentiometers (Working, Component explanation, Applications, and uses). Courtesy: Simply Electronics

Constructing A 20 KG Capacity Weight Scale

In this video tutorial, the presenter is going to construct a 20 KG Capacity Weight Scale using an Arduino Nano development board. Courtesy: Et Discover
Police Siren Generator

Constructing Your Own Siren Generators (4 Types)

In this DIY project, the presenter would be building four different types of Siren Generators. These are as follows: Police Siren Fire Force Gun Shot Ambulance The details include assembly, circuit diagram/schematic,...
Types Of Batteries

Types Of Battery

Batteries can be divided into two major categories: Primary Batteries Secondary batteries. A primary battery is a disposable kind of battery. Once used, it cannot be recharged. Alkaline batteries, Mercury batteries, Silver-Oxide...
RS232 Pin

Introduction To RS-232 Serial Communication Protocol

In this video tutorial, the presenter would be explaining the RS232 Serial Communication Protocol, Its working, types, applications, and uses. RS232 Serial Communication Protocol is used for connection between a data terminal...

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