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T Flip Flopvideo

Introduction To T Flip Flop

In this video, the presenter is going to teach you the basics of T Flip Flop i.e. Toggle Flip Flop. A T flip flop is like JK flip-flop. These are basically a...
Power Amplifiervideo

Basics of Power Amplifier

Amplifiers are devices that process and increase the signal amplitude. By inputting weak signals, the device amplifies them and gives stronger signals at the output. Amplifiers that accept current, voltage and...

What Is A Current Transformer?

In this video, the presenter would be explaining how to properly apply Current Transformer considering accuracy, types, safety, temporary and permanent applications. The description given below is the short transcript of the...

Video DIY: Arduino All-in-One Robot

In this video, the presenter will be building All-in-One Robot using an Arduino Development Board. To download Source Code: click here Courtesy: DIY Builder

Webinar on Securing Connected Devices: The Key to Future-Proof IoT Deployments

The IoT explosion has put the spotlight on cybersecurity as governments and businesses strive to keep their software and systems safe amidst an increase in cyberattacks. IoT security, on the other...

How To Make 5V Relay Work On Raspberry Pi?

Relays and raspberry pi should be easy to implement but as it turns out, it can be complicated. Mostly because Raspberry Pi runs on 3.3V and common relay modules are rated...

How To Test Electronics Components Using A Multimeter (Hindi Tutorial)

In this video tutorial in Hindi, the presenter will be showing you how to test PCB boards and Electronics Components using a Multimeter. Courtesy: A1 Electronics

How To Convert Older USB Type A Devices Into USB Type C?

As every new device is coming with USB type C ports, we always need a dongle to connect to older USB type-A devices. So in this video, the presenter would be...

DIY: Arduino Metal Detector Robot

In this tutorial, the presenter is going to show you how to make a Metal Detector Robot using an Arduino development board. Courtesy: DIY Builder

Difference Between Duty Cycle, Frequency And Pulse Width

In this video tutorial, the presenter is going to explain the difference between a Duty Cycle, Frequency And Pulse Width. These terms are often confused or used interchangeably when they are...

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