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An amazing collection of videos and slideshows for electronics engineers.

humidity sensor

Humidity Sensor: Basics, Usage, Parameters and Applications

Sometimes, after rains, the air feels moist. The water seems to have suspended in the air. However, in certain AC’s you click some buttons and the atmosphere brightens up. How and...

Useful LDR Projects for Beginners

In this video, the presenter is going to build 5 useful projects based on the LDR sensor. These projects are easy to construct and can be built at home. Courtesy: AbTabi

Digitalising Photos From Your Old Photographic Films

In this video, the presenter is going to build an LED-based black encloser for converting 35mm Photographic films into a digital photo using a smartphone. Video Courtesy: TechBuilder

How To Set Up An Electronics Lab?

In this video, the presenter will show you how to set up your own decent electronics lab, what you need, and how much it'll cost you. This will also include Electronics...

How To: Constructing A Low-Cost Spy Camera For Your Home

In this video, the presenter will be showing you how to make a low-cost DIY home security setup using recycled laptop webcams. Courtesy: DIY Perks

How To Correct “No such file or directory” Error In Arduino Programming

Are you trying to run an Arduino sketch, but keep coming across a "No such file or directory" error? This is a pretty common error! Keep watching to learn more about...

Basics Of Inductor

In this video, the presenter will be sharing you a brief introduction on Inductors. The basics of how inductors work, a demo showing an inductor filtering out high-frequency signals, a quick low...

Make Your Own Arduino based RFID Door Lock

In this tutorial, the presenter will be giving you a tutorial on radio-frequency identification (RFID), how it works and how to make an Arduino based RFID door lock. It’s a non-contact...

Why There Is No Buffering Of Your TV Broadcasts?

Satellites have truly revolutionized the way we humans live. In this video, the presenter is we are going to show you how satellite television works, and also the big money flows...

Choosing The Right Capacitor Type For A Circuit

In this video, the presenter will show you how a decoupling capacitor can have a circuit from harmful oscillations. Along the way, he will talk about three popular capacitor types, the...

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