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An amazing collection of videos and slideshows for electronics engineers.


Blynk App: An Easy and Quick Way to Connect IoT Devices

In this video, the presenter will introduce you to Blynk App which is used for iOS and Android to connect Arduino, Raspberry Pi and similar hardware. He is also showing some...

How To Test Electronics Components Using A Multimeter (Hindi Tutorial)

In this video tutorial in Hindi, the presenter will be showing you how to test PCB boards and Electronics Components using a Multimeter. Courtesy: A1 Electronics

Basics of Impedance

In this video, the presenter will tell you about the basics of Impedance i.e. concept of resistance extended to AC circuit: How capacitors and inductors act as "resistors" with an AC...

Smart Materials for DIY Projects

An overview of few special materials, most of which are available commercially and can be used on DIY projects. Smart Materials for DIY Projects from Catarina Mota

Can a Raspberry Pi be used as an Arduino?

In this video, the presenter will show you how to use the C and Python programming language in order to control the GPIOs of a Raspberry Pi development board. Also, you...

What Is A Magnetron And How Does It Work?

In this video, the presenter is going to give you a short description of a Magnetron and will also share its working principle. Video Courtesy: Learn Engineering  

DIY: IoT Button (Amazon Dash Button)

This video will show you how to make an IoT button which is similar to that of Amazon Dash button. Instead of Button You can even attach a sensor and you...

Solutions Proposed By 60 Smartcities

The 60 approved Smart Cities have all submitted their proposals on solutions required to make their cities ‘smart’. This includes a set of IoT-powered requirements. The talk aims to provide an...

How To: Arduino Weather Station

This "weather station" simply pulls weather data from the internet and displays it using analog electrical panel meters using Particle Photon which is pretty much a tiny Arduino with a wifi...

Short DIY: How to charge your GoPro Camera Wirelessly

In this video, the author is going to show you a short DIY in which he is trying to add wireless charging capability to a GoPro Camera inside a waterproof case. Qi...

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