Highlighting the Connection Between Outdoor LED Lighting and Pedestrian Safety

By Vaibhav Khanna


Modern lighting solutions are advancing at a fast rate and can deliver a host of benefits. With the advancements in technology and its integration with lighting solutions, today it has become possible to enable processes that were previously unthought. Lighting plays a significant role in outdoor safety. It is true that the primary purpose of lighting is illuminating surroundings, but the secondary purposes are crucial too. When lighting outdoors, there are many fixtures that can be used in numerous places to provide ample lighting. Street lights, bollards, high masts are some fixtures that can help in promoting pedestrian safety on the streets.

It is no doubt that outdoor LED lighting helps in improving overall security at night. From promoting pedestrian safety to delivering ample illumination for driving at night, LED lights have been successfully integrated into the modern infrastructure.

The Connection Between Outdoor LED Lighting and Pedestrian Safety


The use of LEDs in outdoor spaces is beneficial from many points of view. Firstly, outdoor LED lights are much more energy-efficient than the conventional lighting solutions. Secondly, LED lights are brighter which results in better illuminance and higher contrast on the road. It leads to increased visibility for both drivers and pedestrians.


Pedestrians are subject to glare from different angles and for an extended period because pedestrians move much slower than vehicles. The field of view of a driver is limited; this can be dangerous for the pedestrians. When outdoor LED lighting is used to illuminate highways, arterial roads and pathways, the glare is contained. LED lights offer a better beam production and are consistent in their output which leads to minimised glare. Furthermore, LED lights have a precise beam angle that can be directed where illumination is required. It helps in controlling excess lighting by focusing on areas that require illumination.

Illuminance is incomplete if not supported by proper fixtures that can control and minimise glare. LED lights precisely help in achieving minimum glare.

The Use of Bollards

Bollards are often used in high and upscale neighbourhoods for better illumination on walking paths. However, on the city roads, especially arterial roads, bollards can improve visibility for both pedestrians and drivers. When used with LED lights, bollards can achieve precise illumination on pathways, footpaths and zebra crossings. These fixtures can help drivers in seeing pedestrians from far away; thus can minimizing accidents and promoting safety.

Moreover, a study by Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure concluded that installing bollards in public spaces aids in better flow of pedestrians. It furthermore helps in improving safety since pedestrians are better able to find their way.

High Masts, Road Junctions and Intersections

Larger areas such as roundabouts, junctions and intersections are often cited as dangerous for pedestrians. Properly illuminating these areas is important to promote safety. High masts are lighting fixtures that are designed to illuminate larger areas such as road junctions and intersections. City planners are focusing on fixtures that can be both aesthetic and promote ample illumination for safety. High masts powered by LED lights are capable of rendering uniform illumination. Some fixtures by LED lighting manufacturers like Wipro Lighting also come with a motorised control that can increase or decrease the height of the luminaire.

What Areas Need Pedestrian-Friendly Lighting?

In urban spaces, pedestrian-friendly lighting has two primary purposes – minimal glare and maximum illuminance for both drivers and pedestrians. Outdoor LED lights specifically fulfil this purpose. Every site has a different need and depends on factors such as the type of space, traffic and pedestrian density and activity.

Realistically every area where pedestrians are allowed to walk need to be secured. It is true that high-speed highways where pedestrians are not allowed can be skipped; however, areas such as markets, footpaths and arterial roads must be covered.

One of the most innovative LED light manufacturers, Wipro Lighting, has an entire range of outdoor LED lights for every outdoor space. From high masts to bollards and LED street lights, Wipro Lighting provides fixtures to illuminate streets, highways, public spaces, gardens, parking lots and more. These areas must be adequately illuminated to ensure maximum safety for the pedestrians.

Furthermore, Wipro Lighting also offers intelligent lighting control systems along with smart street light poles that help in effective surveillance of any area. Streetlight poles can employ a 24-hour online monitoring system (GIS) that work with CCTV cameras to report incidents of theft, vandalism, and accidents. It helps in improving safety and delivering immediate help during such an instance.

Today, lighting fulfils more functions than just illuminating outdoors. It is now optimised and helps in making a space secure and sustainable. Many factors help in keeping outdoors safe, and ample illumination is one of them. When it comes to the safety of pedestrians, civic bodies must consider all intricacies that help in promoting safety on the streets.
Developed countries have already refurbished their existing lighting fixtures to LED lights. Furthermore, some of them have also integrated IoT in their outdoor LED light fixtures for better security and monitoring. The ever-increasing efficacy and continuously optimising lighting design by implementing IoT framework and using innovative fixtures, LED lights are leading the world into a new sense of possibilities where safety is paramount.



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