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Electronics For You Source Code

This page caters to the Source Codes for the Electronics Projects published in Electronics For You Latest Issues. (This month issue + 2 previous months)

Month Title Source Folder

February 2021 Issue Vol. 53 No. 2

Automated Washroom Light Using IR Sensors

This project based on Arduino Uno and IR sensors is used to automatically switch on and switch off a washroom’s light that works on AC mains. Whenever a person enters the washroom, the light bulb (or tubelight) will automatically turn on. When the person leaves the bathroom, the light will turn off. This will save electricity charges due to the light remaining on by mistake after use of the washroom

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Appliances Control With Yoda Module And Arduino

This project is meant to control electrical appliances like fans and lights. You can configure two Yoda modules, one as receiver and the other as transmitter, to control relays that switch on fans and lights

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Smart Agriculture Irrigation System

This is an Internet of Things (IoT) based irrigation system that automatically turns on water-pump when soil moisture in the field goes below the set threshold level. It has three parts—transmitter, receiver, and the IoT system

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Android Application For Multi-Sensor Data Monitoring

This Android-based project can monitor on-site (field) process data sensed by two temperature sensors and display the temperature (in degree centigrade) on a smartphone

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Smart Drone With Real-Time Face Recognition

What if you could make a drone that would recognise people, track someone in a crowd, and help find criminals? What if this drone could also detect traffic congestion on the road ahead, or detect people stuck in floods, earthquakes, or similar disaster situations? This smart AI-enabled drone can do all these tasks. It can shoot video in real time, process the video, recognise people, and detect traffic and crowd during public rallies and gatherings

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January 2021 Issue Vol. 53 No. 1

Colour Identification Using TCS3200 Module

This project is used to detect colours and display the colour names on an LCD using the TCS3200 colour sensor module and Arduino board. The sensor outputs red, green, and blue colours’ reflected light values using colour tinted photodiodes. The colour output comes as a frequency, and the value depends on the intensities

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CAN Bus To Control Appliances On Any Floor Of A Building

This project can be used to control multiple electrical appliances on any floor from any floor of a multistory building that has up to six floors. It uses a controller area network (CAN) bus and Arduino Uno to control the appliances. CAN bus was designed for multiplex electrical wiring required in automobiles, but it can also be used in many other applications such as this one

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Low-Cost Smart Agriculture System

This IoT-based project monitors soil moisture, temperature, and humidity levels near plants and light intensity near the control station. It turns on water solenoid valve when moisture level goes below the threshold level. Its vibration sensor detects movement or any other unwanted activity of animals and rodents near the plantation area

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December 2020 Issue Vol. 52 No. 12

Motion Sensor With Voice Alarm Using Arduino

Motion sensor alarms are readily available in the market, but these are expensive. Here is a simple and inexpensive Arduino based motion sensor alarm with voice alert. It can be used for security purposes

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Gesture-Controlled Contactless Switch For Smart Home

To avoid the risk of contracting Covid-19, it is important not to touch surfaces including switches, doorknobs, and keys that have been frequently used by other people. This project is for a contactless switch that works with hand gestures

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NeoPixel Colour-Changing LED Lighting Using Arduino

This NeoPixel LED lighting based on WS2811 driver and Arduino digitally produces red, green, and blue (RGB) lights and the combinations. Originally introduced by Adafruit, the LED strips come with driver ICs that are addressable and programmable

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Line Follower Robot Using PID Algorithm

A line follower is a simple robot that follows a thick line drawn on the floor using infrared (IR) or some other optical sensors. This line follower robot uses two motors with wheels on the rear and a castor wheel as support on the front

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A Simple Timer Based On Arduino Uno

Presented here is a simple timer built around an Arduino Uno board. It can be used to measure the time delay duration of devices like timer relays, circuit breakers, and other sequential logic circuits. This timer will be a low-cost solution for laboratory/industrial requirements

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