RFID based Attendance System



Hercules is great utility if you are working with the serial and Ethernet devices & interfaces. General useful parts include:

  • Serial port terminal (COM5 and higher support)
  • TCP/IP Client terminal (similar to “Telnet”)
  • TCP/IP Server “terminal”
  • UDP “terminal”


It is a software for microprocessor simulation, schematic capture and printed circuit board (PCB) design.  Proteus Isis is used to create and simulate the circuits for the RFID based attendance system.

RFID attendance system circuit made in Proteus


It makes designing and ordering custom printed circuit boards a breeze! Pad2Pad is a remarkable service that gives you the power to make one or 100,000 PCBs. Pad2Pad provides free design software you download. The software checks your board and computes a price instantly and you can conveniently place your order online.


As RFID technology evolves, more sophisticated applications will use the capability of RFID to receive, store and forward data to a remote sink source. The versatility of RFID can be used in implementing functional and automatic student course attendance recording system that allows students to simply fill their attendance just by swiping or moving their ID cards over the RFID reader which are located at the entrance of lecture halls with a considerable degree of success and acceptability of usage in our faculty. Such an RFID based attendance system can shift the paradigm of student‘s lecture attendance monitoring in classroom and provide a new, accurate, and less cumbersome way of taking student attendance in school.

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  1. Indolytics India Pvt Ltd is a developed “SchoolCop” (Student Tracking System), have the same system as attendance system and that features are Automated attendance of students, Automated attendance of staff, Automated attendance in the bus. This system also provide “Panic Button” on the iCard. It is the “World’s First iCard with Panic Button for Schools” that works for child safety. Works: a. Beacon card transmits the data. b. Bluetooth Low Energy Module Scans the nearby Beacons precisely. c. Scan records and then transmitted to cloud via WiFi.


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