Thursday, February 2, 2023

Smart Glasses Like Google Glass Made With OLED Display

By Ashwini Kumar Sinha

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ashwiniGoogle Glass launched a few years ago looks like normal eyeglasses but it is made of a special glass and has a user interface (UI). It works like a smartphone through which you can see time of the day, check news, read books, and much more; the text appears as an overlay or a floating image in the air. At the same time, you can continue seeing your surroundings, just like you do with an ordinary pair of glasses.

The Google Glass is revolutionary and is likely to become one of the most advanced gadgets in the future. Since these smart glasses are expensive, it is difficult for most people to experience the technology. Hence, we can try and design our own smart glasses.

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A000 picture of the Google Glass is shown in Fig. 1 and the author’s prototype of smart glasses is shown in Fig. 2. The components required for building the smart glasses, which are somewhat similar to Google Glass, are listed under the Bill of Materials table.

Download Source Code

This project will be published in a few weeks. If you want to access it now, refer to Electronics For You’s November 2022 Issue–print or ezine edition.

Ashwini Kumar Sinha is a technology enthusiast at EFY



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