Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Low Cost High Impedance Buffers for Oscilloscopes and Voltmeters

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Advantage of the proposed solutions

The proposed high impedance buffers have the following advantages:

  • Low cost, low complexity;
  • Low noise, low total harmonic distortions;
  • Wide frequency range to more than 1MHz, depending on the op-amp.
  • Wide range of applications, universal buffers

The buffer can be used as instrumentation buffer, microphone buffer, guitar buffer, etc.

  • Easy to be repaired;
  • Over voltage protection of the input and the outputs;
  • Could be used for measurement of AC and DC voltages;
  • Suitable for project of hobbyists, students and educational institutions;


Simple low cost AC and DC buffers for low cost and educational measurement equipment are described.

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The main purposes of the buffers are:

  • To increase the input resistance;
  • To reduce the input capacitance;

of the low cost measurement instruments.

Also the buffers were used to protect the inputs of the measurement equipment against fault operation during the experiments. The buffers do not have offset control. That is done in order to keep the circuits the simplest possible. In case of needs the offset should be measured and taken into considerations.



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