Intelligent Speech Recognition System for Assisted Living

By Arun kumar H, Darshan K S, Darshyth S P, Manjuth swamy Y N


Install some necessary packages on Raspberry Pi for Displaying an image and Speech synthesis (Text to Speech). The Festival Speech Synthesis System is a general-purpose multi-lingual speech synthesis system used here. Install Festival Text to Speech by using following commands in LX terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install links2
$ sudo apt-get install mplayer
$ sudo apt-get install festival
$ echo “Hello Robot, How do you do?” | festival
The RPi speaks out “Hello Robot, How do you do?” through speaker connected to the audio jack.

Please find the working code ( below–
Copy the shell script to the path:- pocketsphinx-0.8/src/programs/

Shell script (
while [ 0 ]


timeout 15 ./pocketsphinx_continuous -adcdev plughw:1 -lm 0092.lm -dict 0092.dic | tee cmd.txt

#run pocketsphinx with your language model file and dictionary file name

head -n 4 cmd.txt | tail -n 1 > cmd1.txt

cut -d ” ” -f 2- cmd1.txt | tee cmd2.txt

case $(tr -d ‘ ‘ <cmd2.txt) in

HELLOROBOT) echo “Hello Everyone, Have a nice day” | –tts ;;

RECORDAUDIO) timeout 10 arecord –D plughw:1,0 sound.wav ;;

#record audio for 10 seconds

PLAYAUDIO) aplay sound.wav ;; #plaing the recorded audio

CAPUTREIMAGE) raspistill –o image.jpg ;; #captures the image file in .jpg format

DISPLAYIMAGE) links2 -g image.jpg ;; #display the image file named image.jpg

*) ;;





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