Operational Amplifier Gain And DC Offset Program

By Ronie Adhiraaj Ghosh


Install appropriate Visual C++ extension (here VC++ 2012) before installing WampServer to get all prerequisite .dll files for smooth running of the IDE and Apache server environment.

2. WampServer runs in the background with the option in online mode. Make sure WampServer icon on the taskbar turns green.

3. Create a folder, say, op-amp under C:\wamp\www folder. Copy opampCircuit.php, opampDesign.js, and opampRequirementForm.html files including image files into the op-amp project folder.

4. Create a new PHP project in NetBeans. Select PHP Application option and click Next. A project folder will form automatically. Note that your op-amp folder is under this project folder.

5. Under Run Configuration window, make sure you select local server option in Run As: field; then, click OK to proceed.

6. Run opampRequirementForm.html file. You can feed various inputs as per your requirement and observe the outputs as shown in Figs 1 through 5.

Download source file

Ronie Adhiraaj Ghosh is M.Tech from Homi Bhaba National Institute, Mumbai. His hobbies include electronics projects, watch collection, camping and hiking


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