Thursday, December 7, 2023

Electrosaver – Save the Unknown Loss

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What makes Electrosaver attractive?

Electrosaver targets to have near zero harmonics contribution to the power distribution. The makers are also in process to create a framework for power sharing and statistical analysis that can help not just the user but also the power system operators to communicate and manage load better.  They are trying to base the routing algorithm on WiFi stack and tweaking the routing protocols, which would enable dual purpose and secure exchange of data with the server as well as the user having a smartphone where solutions like Zigbee fail to communicate directly with the user. This will enable the system independent and directly manageable by the user in case server/gateway fails for any downtime.

Electrosaver immensely focuses on a social improvement by having grid level improvement which is economically beneficial to customers. The basic model of Electrosaver can be extended with the additional features like setting up a budget for electricity, detailed analytics. Apart from an app, Electrosaver can be manually controlled by IR remotes.

Expelling noise and interference

Eelctrosaver is designed in-house with the principle to make the solution truly low power. Trying to make the product low power brings in the issues of noise and interference which is prevalent in our surrounding, thereby making the mesh network sensitive to the environment.  A lot of design considerations and algorithms are used by the Electrosaver team to remove this noise and interference and securing themesh network against the surrounding changes.

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Cost and convenience

With a brighter vision of energy conservation, Electrosaver is a convenient home automation system with the capability to fetch the power consumption details. The makers continue to price it down to Rs.1000 or even lesser for a board controlling two switches. This sizably beats the other automation systems which range from Rs.6000 for automating two switches.“Our vision is to help reduce the wastage of electricity in a home and the cost of installing our product should not cost more than the amount that is being saved in that household. We want our end user to get an ROI at the end of the day”, says the Electrosaver team.

Indian power distribution and utilisation scenario are majorly lossy and most of the power factors go unregulated. Power distribution can be made more reliable with load shedding if the available power is utilised better and the opportunity to redirect power where it is more important with proper planning can be beneficial both environmentally and economically. Electrosaver with its power saveable features is definitely a contribution to the national grid, and with the continued evolution of more efficient technologies and improved wireless data transmission protocols, which the team is working on, there is hope that the saved power can be distributed to lighten the lives of people in dark.

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Ankita K.S. is audience development editor at EFY, and secretary of IEEE-YP. She is an engineering graduate, and also writes articles on technology for



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