Monday, December 4, 2023

Energy Saving Pump Automation For Efficient Ground Water Use

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[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Innovative Features of BIMM Technologies Energy saving Bore pump controller”]• Pump starts by timer mode when the water level is in the midlevel in the tank and runs for the specified on time or till the time the water level reaches high sensor level whichever is earlier.
• The pump does an early start when the water level falls below low sensor position cutting short specified off time. After this it runs for the specified on time or the level reaches high sensor position which ever happens earlier.
• Pump will not start as long as the water level is full
• Pump will not stop as long as the water level is below low sensor
• The on time setting and low level sensor setting are done in such a way that controller starting at leveller mode stops at timer mode. Controller starting at timer mode stops at timer or leveller mode[/stextbox]
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• Code protected micro controller technology for best reliability
• Advanced maintenance free non-metallic magnetic sensors for trouble free functioning
• Industrial class FR4, double sided printed circuit board (PCB) with 1.6mm thickness, 70 micron copper and green mask for longer product life
• Vertical hanging sensors for dust accumulation free sensing
• Sensor break protection technique for safety during wire cuts
• Through hole technology that keeps the components, assembly and inventory cost down[/stextbox]

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Energy Saving Innovations Are Here To Stay

“Innovation” is all about thinking a bit differently and problem solving problems on the go. It is the impeccable vision that drives innovation resulting in a greater use to society. With BIMM Technologies Centre’s design of an energy saving pump controllers, a societal cause is being addressed that will have far reaching implications for future generations with respect to water conservation.

Precious resources such as water is to be paid utmost importance for sustaining life It must be learnt that in our world with scarce resources, the need for them may lead to endless problems. It for us people to take stand and leverage the fact that more technological innovations such as this must take birth and with an objective centred on skilfully using them.


  1. It is nice to read this post. In today’s world, it has become important to save the energy and get the most out of it. Similar is the case in water pumps. If you are using the automated system to get the maximum use of ground water, then fuel efficient pumps are widely used.


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