IoT Based Handheld System To Disrupt The Dairy Industry

Nidhi Arora is executive editor at EFY


The organisation’s 70 per cent revenue comes from the milk procurement solution deployed by big centres. The cold chain system, which increases milk’s shelf life, brings about 20 per cent, while another 10 per cent is contributed by products used in farms.

The road ahead

Sharing the company’s aggressive growth plan, Mukundan said, “Given the unique nature of our solution, the market demand exceeds our execution/production capacity. Right now, we are concentrating onto dairy industry but plan to aggressively expand our business to other emerging markets.”

“Through OEM partnership with larger companies, we plan to ride on top of their marketing strength to grow fast outside India. We are also considering setting up channel partners and dealer networks to sell retail-oriented products like animal wearables (activity meters). Onboarding agriculture and dairy industry veterans who have vast exposure across various departments is our key hiring strategy to get more business,” he added.