Can IoT Solve The Shortage of Indian Doctors?

Check out what IoT related smart concepts could potentially do to Indian healthcare


Check out a real-world illustration

Rajendra was kind enough to share a real-world use case. Rajendra quotes the illustration of a super-speciality hospital (names not disclosed) located in Mangalore (in coastal Karnataka) that saw many patients being referred from South Kerala.

Rajendra observes that nearly 70% of these referral cases were found to be false alarms, not requiring referral all the time, at the Mangalore hospital.  However, early diagnosis/interventions were required here. As the hospital in South Kerala did not seem to be well equipped, Tele-ICU solutions are the need of the hour in these situations.

Remote consultations also play a key role in enabling patients save valuable resources, and doctors valuable time.  This is a clear indicator of the usefulness of IoT-driven smart concepts in mitigating shortage of doctors in rural India.

For now have a little patience

With IoT startups mushrooming, experts feel that research in improving the Indian healthcare system has definitely received a boost. However, it would take some time for these solutions to make it into the real-world, as these are under the test phase for now.

If you are frustrated with the current healthcare system now, just wait for another 5 years, it would do no harm to guess the silence before the storm.

Written by Rahul R, Senior Technical Journalist at EFY


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