Saturday, December 10, 2022

ROBOT For Risky Indoor Navigation

Students from an engineering institute have developed the prototype of an unmanned ground vehicle that can navigate across territories in an emergency response operation. Different sensors can be plugged in it as per the user’s requirements -- JALAJA RAMANUNNI

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What lies ahead
After passing out from the college, four of the group members started Electrono Solutions—a design consultancy and automation solutions provider for the industry and academia. The organisation is proposing the idea of using the prototype in educational institutes too. Students working on their projects can use it as a platform to test their solutions with algorithms and sensors. The team is also looking to provide entire solutions based on the prototype as per customers’ needs.

Future areas of development include picking garbage, assisting tutors in educational institutions by testing students based on algorithms, carrying patients from one ward to another in hospitals, and even researching unknown territories (space exploration).

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The author is from EFY Bureau, Bengaluru



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