Q. Are you focusing on one product only?
A. The industry is progressing, so our next step is that we give the device to the content provider and operator who already have the content. If content is already available for the platform, our next step is to license to gain content ourselves. Initially we used standard def content but now if you don’t talk HD you are not in the Media business. So now we have full HD support with 1080p platform. And we are also looking at several things to enhance and a companion product which would be launched in mid 2012. We are currently in the process of licensing content.

Q. Could you explain this product that is in your pipeline?
A. Today if you have multiple TVs, then you would need one box for each TV. What we are working on is one central device that will incorporate several functions and will stream directly to TVs and also function as a gateway.

Q. Who are your competitors in India?
A. There are a lot of people who are doing similar things to what we are doing, but if you are asking me if I face competition on making a deal then no we don’t have any.

Q. What is your turnover?
A. It’s a VC funded company so I will not talk about revenues but from an investment perspective we have raised around 17 million dollars.

Q. Do you plan to increase the number of hardware design engineers?
A. The next product that I was talking about earlier is far more complex and so obviously everything will go up and there will be a lot more hiring.

Q. What kind of engineers would you be looking at?
A. From hardware perspective we would need someone who has some experience with media processors and some expertise on the RF side. Beyond that, we need people who are familiar with designing 8 layer or 10 layer boards. Again there we need someone who is experienced with RF and signal noise.

Q. Is there any average year of experience that you are looking at?
A. Our current team has an average experience of 9 years so we would not be looking at anything less than 6.

Q. Do you outsource any solutions?
A. Not the design process, we only outsource the manufacturing process to China and Taiwan.

Q. Do you have international customers?
A. The OEM model is that the company may be US based but they sell all over the world. For instant, NetGear is US based but they have 4000 stores all over the world and so it’s a little hard to track.

Q. What is your revenue model?
A. We’re not selling just the device but the whole platform. We basically sell the hardware or we give them a manufacturing license to build from our manufacturers. In either way we get hardware revenue. On the content side it is a revenue shared model. So a large portion of the revenue is kept for us and the content provider. If someone wants to license the whole platform, then it’s a different model.

Q. What kind of marketing do you use?
A. We have a marketing team in the US. They participate in industry trade shows and work with other eco-system partners to market our solutions. We also have channel distribution partners who do part of the marketing.