Saturday, April 20, 2024

Home Automation in India: 2017 Is Seemingly The Year of ‘Smart Concepts’, DIY

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With all these advantages, would we spend a few Grands more on home automation solutions

Fortunately, people are now primarily investing time to learn IoT-driven Smart Home solutions, before investing actual finances. Even experts seemingly second this trend. Smart Homes will help tighten the overall security of homes

“In tier 1 cities the builders across board are investing on automation to create differentiators.”, observes Sajith. “The real estate properties which are constructed from renowned builders can easily integrate the concept of smart homes because of the economies of scale and proper design/planning expertise available at their end.”, opines Ankit.

However, at individual levels, people are still in need of awareness as far as implementing smart concepts is concerned. “Weak implementation of such smart devices can easily harm privacy, security of the target user, surrounding stakeholders and the environment. DIY Implementation must proceed under a supervision of industrial companies accompanied by regulatory/compliance knowledge.”, signs-off Ganesh.

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IoT is a common mans tool at the end of the day

With experts having analysed the reducing procurement cost of IoT-driven Home Automation solutions, it should do no harm to give a thought here. However, you are the sole judge when it comes to investments; though not intensive, it should do no harm for you to make your home smart at least at a basic level (Smart Appliances, Gas Leakage detector, et all).

Experts consulted for the story: Bastin Robins (Chief Data Scientist at Hash Research), Ganesh Prasad Kumble (President and CEO at Metagan Technologies), Ankit Taparia (Co-Founder, Teramatrix Technologies), and Sajith Kandiyil (Founder & Chairman of Avenech Systems).

Written by Rahul R, Senior Technical Journalist at EFY


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