Top 6 Innovations to Look Out for This Winter


Rocketbook is not electronic by itself but lets you instantly blast all your notes, jottings and drawings to the digital world. It looks like a normal notebook with dot-grid pages. There are no digital parts. Each page has a QR code and a set of symbols that you need to cross to tell the mobile app where to store the content or how to tag it. This is completely configurable. For example, you can designate each symbol to map to different cloud locations like Google Drive, Evernote and iCloud.

The symbol you mark on a page tells the app where the content needs to be stored. After you write or draw stuff on your notebook, just spend a few seconds scanning the pages with the app. The Rocketbook app instantly crops, brightens and enhances each page to make the digital version look clear and vibrant. This enhanced image then gets pushed to the cloud location you have marked.

There are different variants of Rocketbook, some of which are reusable. The reusable notebooks come with special pens from Pilot. Erasing the content from the notebook is truly magical—one variant requires you to microwave the notebook for a few seconds, while another requires you to sprinkle a drop of water on it!

Product: Rocketbook Everlast; Company: Rocketbook; Website.

Rocketbook is a seemingly normal notebook that can push all your content to the Cloud

An aerobatic, app-controlled paper plane

This one is for all those who spent their school days flying paper planes outside and inside the classroom! The current generation can do it even better with PowerUp Dart—an innovative product developed by Shai Goitien, who is an active aviator inventor and pilot for the past 25 years.

PowerUp Dart is a little kit that makes your paper planes smarter. You begin by folding the colourful papers provided with the kit to make cute little planes. Then, attach the small, pen-cap-sized Dart module to it. Connect the Dart-fitted plane to your mobile app, and you are ready to make your plane perform aerobatic stunts! Your plane can perform spins, hammerheads, barrel rolls, wingovers, loops, scissors and more.

PowerUp Dart kit comes in several variants, with different varieties of craft paper to make your plane and interesting accessories like desk-stands to place your plane and wheels for take-off and landing. The kits are being priced nominally depending on the items included. The first kits are expected to ship by the end of this year.

Product: PowerUp Dart; Company: PowerUp Toys; Country: United States of America; Website.

Paper planes just got smarter!

Your watch is your air-conditioner

While air-conditioning keeps you comfortable indoors, bad weather can make outings an ordeal. Things are bound to change with Aircon Watch—an innovative new product that acts like your personal air-conditioner, keeping you comfortable in any weather.
Our body has an awesome temperature-regulating mechanism directed by a portion of the brain called hypothalamus. This system balances heat production with heat loss, keeping the body at an optimal temperature, which might be a degree or two greater or less than the normal body temperature.

Aircon Watch came about when researchers started thinking about the possibility of changing the signal that our nervous system sends to the brain. They used Aircon Watch to generate pulses of heat or cold. This makes our body more aware of the temperatures and thus stabilises our sensations. According to the makers, the secret lies in Climacon technology embedded in the straps of the watch. This tiny device fits on the inner wrist over an area where nerves are closer to the skin surface and allow maximum transfer of temperature.

The product has been meticulously developed over a period of around two years, and the prototypes have been tested on more than a hundred people. It will start shipping by year-end, and can be ordered through the Kickstarter page.

Product: Aircon Watch; Company: Aircon Watch; Country: Hong Kong; Website.

Aircon Watch cools or warms your body in a couple of minutes




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