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Tech Update (May 2016)

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Software simplifies detection of activity on mobile and wearable

STMicroelectronics has made additions to its Open. MEMS portfolio of free and easy-to-use software libraries for the development of motion-sensing applications. This provides an ideal route to implementing contextual awareness in mobile, wearable and Internet of Things applications.

The new software allows the detection of human activities from data acquired by inertial sensors embedded in the end-user equipment. Optimised to minimise power consumption, these are particularly suited for fitness and healthcare applications in portable or wearable platforms that monitor human physical activities in real time over long periods.

The osxMotionAR Activity Recognition package identifies the user activity from a wide range of movements and transportation scenarios such as stationary, walking, fast walking, jogging, cycling, and driving. The osxMotionCP Carry Position package detects how the device containing the motion sensors is being carried, that is, whether it is placed on a desk, held in hand or in a swinging arm, near the user’s head, or put in a shirt or trouser pocket.

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The osxMotionGR Gesture Recognition package recognises the actions carried out on a mobile or handheld device, including pick-up, glance, or wake-up, which allows designers to develop controls for different functions on the device.

The new Open. MEMS packages are available free of charge to customers through a simple click-through licence agreement.



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