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Got Some Waste PCBs? Time To Bring Your Crafty Side Up!

How do you treat you wasted PCBs? Trash them? Sell them for pennies? Even lazier, just stock them for nothing? Well we all know how creative engineers are, so why not reuse these and bring our crafty side up! Here we bring some awesome ideas that you can apply to recycle the precious metal.

Atithya Amaresh

1. Jewellery

Wear your old PCBs and flaunt it to the world!

2. Utility Items

Anyone for photo albums, key rings, pen stand, coat hanger and photo frames?

3. Art and decoratives

For the extra crafty folks out there, there are option of these decoratives too.

4. Tech Pets

How about tech Turtle, Beetle, cockroach, Mosquito, spider

5. EFY’s Favorite

The Alien and the earth

Note: EFY does not own any of these images. All of them are taken from web. We just did the effort of bringing them together 🙂



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