A New Element to 3D Print Technology


FZC_3dprinting17novElgin.III – Royal DSM, a technology based firm mainly into Life Sciences and Materials Sciences, announces Somos® Element at formnext, the international exhibition and conference on additive technologies and tool making in Frankfurt, Germany. This new material can be used to make complex parts for investment casting applications.

What is Investment Casting?
Investment casting process is there for several years in which hot metal is poured into wax pattern moulds and once the metal is cold, wax is melted from outside. Investment casting is used to create industrial grade parts for aerospace, energy and automotive industries.

What are the use of Somos® Element in 3D Printing?
1. Improve the repeatability and quality of 3D printed patterns.
2. Minimal ash content after burnout.
3. Improved dimensional stability.

Elements which were used earlier for investment casting through 3D printing: synthetic waxes, plastics, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA).


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