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Passive Wi-Fi system to use 10,000 times less power than traditional Wi-Fi

A team from the engineering department at University of Washington, USA, has created a Wi-Fi system that uses 10,000 times less power than traditional Wi-Fi. Passive Wi-Fi, as the team calls it, is compatible with current smartphones and routers.

Traditional Wi-Fi radios consume a lot of power, mainly because of the analogue radio frequency (RF). In order to reduce power consumption of Wi-Fi radios in smartphones and digital devices, Passive Wi-Fi uses the digital baseband, while the analogue RF band is delegated to a single plugged-in device.

Essentially, Passive Wi-Fi helps remove the power-hungry analogue RF from the picture, which would make the smartphone last much longer.

The team has managed to achieve download speeds of up to 11Mbps, which falls in line with most LTE download speeds. However, the team is now working on increasing the throughput.

According to the team, this new technology will allow for new kinds of communications that was not possible before due to the power requirements of current Wi-Fi systems.

The application has utility for areas like collapsed buildings where GPS cannot be used (Image courtesy:



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