PIR Sensors To Reduce Electricity Wastage

Paromik Chakraborty, technical journalist, EFY


Ecoamica Technologies LLP shares a customer experience to explain. A Bengaluru-based technology multinational firm sought electricity consumption control solutions for areas like hosting server floors, corridors as well as aisles. The Ecosirius range of solutions by Ecoamica was installed throughout the intended premises with good results.

A total of 300 sensors deployed throughout the area cut electricity usage from 12 hours down to just 1.5 hours a day. At an average electricity cost of ₹ 6.75 per unit, the firm’s monthly electricity bill of ₹ 940,000 dramatically went down to ₹ 120,000—a total saving of more than ₹ 800,000 in one month. The total setup cost was around ₹ 200,000, implying ROI within one month of the implementation.

The final word

When coupled with the right energy-efficient lighting and smart technology, PIR sensors can be a real money-saver. Sensor placements, proper usage and frequency of use play a big role in the ROI. Electricity can account for up to 20 per cent of an organisation’s monthly expenses. So, controlling the consumption is a smart move to cut overhead costs.

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