Things You Never Knew Your Android Phone Could Do


Cell phones have become so popular that everyone uses at least one. These are becoming more and more technologically advanced and can do much more than just receiving calls. But, interestingly, there are quite a few things you can do with your cell phone that most of the product manuals do not mention. We are mentioning some of them here.

Mount USB Flash drive in Android phone
Almost all Android phones have a microUSB port for charging or copying files to and from your personal computer, laptop or notebook. However, most users do not know that by using a simple USB OTG (on the go) adaptor cable, you can attach and transfer files directly from a USB Flash drive. You can even attach an SD card reader and use that to grab photos from your camera and automatically upload them to the cloud.

Fig. 1: An Android phone connected to a Flash drive
Fig. 2: An OTG cable
Fig. 3: OTG cable connections
Fig. 4: StickMount installation through Google Play
Fig. 5: Screenshot of an Android phone


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