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A smart case that runs Android on your iPhone

All iPhone users love their iPhone but, unfortunately, not everybody loves the iOS! Those who are used to Android phones often find it very difficult to adapt to the iOS. Chinese company Jijia has developed a smart case called Mesuit that enables you to run an Android-based OS on your iPhone. Just slip on the case, install the associated app and you are ready to go.

The Mesuit dual-SIM case is a fully-functional mobile device powered by Media-tek’s octa-core processor. Designed to fit iPhone 6/6S, this case connects to the phone through the Lightning port. It has its own SIM slot, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage capacity and a 1700mAH battery built into it. That means the iPhone user has an additional SIM slot, extra storage to transfer photos and videos from the phone into the case, and seven more hours of battery life.

But more importantly, the device enables the user to run an additional operating system! Once you slip on the case and install the associated app, it starts running an Android-based OS called Mesuit OS 1.0 with an Apus Launcher. This lets you use the Android interface on the iPhone, and access and install Android apps through Google Play. You can also use two Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram accounts simultaneously on the same phone.

Priced at Rs 9990, the Mesuit case is available in India through

Company: Jijia; Country: China; Website

This case runs an Android-based OS on iPhone 6/6S


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