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Get active while playing mobile games

Mobile games are fun but these turn us into couch potatoes too. What if you had a mobile gaming system that responded to your physical movements—games that made you jump and jog? That is what inventor Colt Correa hopes to do with DigiBit. Amply funded on Kickstarter, Correa plans to start shipping the first orders to certain countries by November this year.

The DigiBit system consists of small, wearable, sensor-fitted clip-ons that sync with your mobile phone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). You can wear these devices on your hands and feet with the provided bands, or clip them on to your wristband, shoes or socks. For virtual reality (VR) games, there is an additional VR headset.

Fitted with sensors and microcontrollers, these devices sense and calculate your body motion in real time. They beam this information to your mobile device to control game actions. Your body becomes the game controller, and your physical movements move the characters in the game. You can walk, jog, run, jump and dodge. This way you get a good share of fun and exercise!

There are several exciting DigiBit games like Air Hockey and FunnyWings. An open development kit is also available, so you can develop your own games using the Unity 3D game engine.

Creator: Colt Correa; Country: United States of America; Website

DigiBit is a body action driven mobile gaming system (Courtesy: DigiBit)


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