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Smartwatch with traditional mechanical hands

Avoiding a smartwatch because you cannot do without the conventional hands of the clock? Well, MyKronoz’s ZeTime is just the right choice for you. Claimed to be the world’s first hybrid smartwatch with traditional hands and colour touchscreen, ZeTime has the best of both the worlds.

A special technology has been used to work a hole into the TFT touchscreen to fit the mechanical hands. At the same time, the watch has all the makings of a great smartwatch. ZeTime uses a tech called ‘Smart Movement’ that enables the mechanical hands to function for up to 30 days on a single charge, allowing users to see the time even when the smartwatch screen is powered off. As a fully-functional smartwatch, ZeTime works for up to three days on a single charge.

ZeTime has a three-axis accelerometer and an optical heart-rate sensor to monitor heart-rate, steps, distance, calories, active minutes, sleep and so on. It also alerts users to get on their feet when they have been inactive for too long. Like other smartwatches, ZeTime lets users view incoming calls, read social networking notifications, get calendar reminders and more. The watch syncs to your phone using BLE, enabling you to check the weather, play music, take photos or locate your phone by making it ring. The watch runs a proprietary operating system, while the app runs on Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.0.
You can pre-order the product on Indiegogo, where the project got funded over 10,668 per cent in April 2017!

Company: MyKronoz; Country: Switzerland; Website

MyKronoz’s ZeTime is a smartwatch with mechanical hands too (Courtesy: MyKronoz)


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