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Wearable, cloud-connected camera that uploads videos in real time

Want to film your party, but without missing all the fun and action? Need to document happenings at a protest rally, but can’t do so openly? Well, Shonin’s Streamcam wearable camera might be just what you need.

Streamcam is supposedly the world’s first cloud-connected wearable security camera. It is cellular, rugged, waterproof, small and easy to use. Measuring just 56x56x13mm3, it can be clipped onto your dress, bag or vehicle. With just a single button-click, it captures wide-angle, high-resolution (720p) video with audio, which is immediately pushed to the cloud through cellular or Wi-Fi link, or broadcast to Facebook Live. The device also has an expandable Micro SD slot, pre-loaded with an 8GB card.

The camera has just a single button, which is used to start or stop recording. The app does everything else—such as turning the recording light on or off, and altering the resolution. You can view, edit and share videos quickly and easily. One of the thoughtful features by Shonin is that you can edit the video without losing the raw original footage, so you can go back and change or check stuff if needed.

This camera is just right for investigative journalists, who shoot videos to expose crimes, only to have the cameras grabbed and damaged by the goons before they get the chance to upload coverage. That risk is no longer there with Streamcam, which instantly uploads all recorded content to the cloud. You can pre-order the product now.

Company: Shonin Inc.; Country: Canada; Website

A discreet camera that instantly uploads recorded videos to the cloud (Courtesy: Shonin Inc.)


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