Friday, March 1, 2024

Making Academia Entrepreneurial With T&M Equipment

Vertica Asthana is a technical journalist at EFY

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Chromatic dispersion analyser has been designed to test whether 100Gbps capacity can be carried in a single channel of optical fibre.

Portable spectrum analysers and logic analysers

Traditional spectrum analysers and logic analysers have also been replaced with portable equipment, which are easily accessible to researchers and students.

Dhanabal says that accessing FM radio waves, finding errors in them, changing the algorithms and coding was never better before portable equipment.

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Comeback of analogue oscilloscopes

“Although educational institutes are moving towards smarter approach, conventional analogue oscilloscopes are not yet obsolete,” says Manish Joshi, deputy CEO at Scientech Technology.

While a few manufacturers have ceased upgrading it, there are striking changes coming up, like TFT displays now showing voltage/division and time/division. Also, the working frequency of oscilloscopes has more than doubled the existing 20MHz.

Suman Murali Krishnan, a research associate from IIT Delhi, computer science engineering department, informs that they use a digital oscilloscope with voltage/timing analysis and USB interface with PC for data acquisition and analysis and for current measurement. IIT Delhi lab is an interdisciplinary lab with both electronic and mechanical equipment.

To sum up

In the future, experts expect to have a library for equipment as well. It would be similar to a book-library where the students will be able to borrow an equipment and return it after their work completes. It is an out-of-the-box concept. Also, students will have a forum to discuss these equipment. This smart approach will motivate students and researchers and help them develop skillset for the industry.



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