Even If You Have a Good Machine and Bad Support, It is Still a Bad Machine

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Q. What is your personal mantra for managing your team?
A. Some people might say that my management style is a little bit aggressive. I believe that management is like having children. I wish I had realised this years ago because now I have two children. I realise that when you are managing people, not everybody is the same. I have two children and they are not the same. How you react to people will be the same as how they react to you.

BlurbWith some people, you need to take time. Sometimes you need to invest in mentoring rather than lecturing, but sometimes you also need to bang your fist on the table. I think all great leaders understood that you need to have a bit of everything. At the end of the day, people have to trust you. People have to believe that when you say you have an open door policy, for that you should have an open door policy.

Q. How do you drive development within your team?
A. What I want is for my people to develop and learn more, and I want to give people the opportunity to move. Under normal circumstances, spending ten years in the same company is not really ideal, but when your company is continually acquiring new companies and there is new technology coming into the company, then it is exciting and gives people the opportunity to move around between products and may be even geographically.

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We give people the option to move to Europe or China for a two-year period. Some people choose to stay there forever as they continue to work for Nordson in another region. I think it is important to give people the opportunity to grow, to learn and to use that knowledge wherever they think is the best fit for them.



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