In the West, mostly Fortune 500 companies have been investing in exploring new channels of advertising. They understand the need to change with the times, and dronevertising definitely fits the bill. They understand that they are creating an extraordinary experience for their consumers, and such initiatives will be on the higher side of the costs. However, that is not the case with Indian marketers.

Brand expert Harish Bijoor feels that drone advertising will gain popularity in India only if the cost of the technology slashes significantly. He points out that, brands are successfully connecting with their consumers through traditional media such as broadcast, print and now digital and, hence, have not explored this technology in advertising.

Nevertheless, with Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) planning to come up with a clear set of guidelines, drone technology companies are expected to come up with more sophisticated versions of drones, thus making the existing ones a little cheaper in cost.

Purba Das, senior business journalist, EFY


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