These new class of products will meet the system functionality requirements of today and those of the future, including:

• Higher Performance / Bandwidth
System-In-Package integration using EMIB, enables the highest interconnect density between FPGA and the companion die. This results in high bandwidth connectivity between the SiP components. In addition, user signals communicating to external world use standard FCBGA traces, thereby improving signal and power integrity.

• Lower Power
Companion die (such as memory etc) are placed as close as possible to FPGA. The interconnect traces between the FPGA and the companion die are thus very short and don’t need as much power to drive them. This results in lower power overall and the most optimum performance/watt metric.

• Smaller Form Factor
The ability to heterogeneously integrate components in a single package results in smaller form factors. This helps customers save valuable board space, reduce board layers and overall build of material (BOM) cost.

• Greater Flexibility, Scalability and Ease of Use
SiP helps reduce routing complexity at the PCB level since the components are already integrated within the package. In addition, SiP enhances the ability to incorporate different die geometries, silicon technologies. Net result is a highly flexible, scalable solution that is easy to use.

• Faster Time to Market
SiP enables faster time to market by being able to integrate already proven technology and reuse common devices or tiles across product variants. This saves valuable time and resources, thereby helping customers accelerate their time to market.

Next-generation platforms increasingly require innovative solutions that provide significantly higher performance, lower power, and smaller form factors. The explosion in data center capabilities and proliferation of IoT technologies are emerging as key drivers. In addition, advancements in terabit networking, optical transport, 8K video, and 5G wireless domains are ramping up rapidly, forcing the semiconductor ecosystem to find innovative solutions.

He is currently pursuing B.Tech in ECE from RSET, Cochin


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