Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Just Connecting Some Piece of Hardware to the Internet Doesn’t Mean you are Now an IoT Expert

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Q. SLS team has been focusing on the Nebulae platform recently. How would you explain the same to IoT solution developers?

A. As the IoT has gained popularity, our customers have been asking us for solutions. At first, the solutions we provided were specifically built to meet customer needs. Unfortunately, the work performed wasn’t repeatable. So for the next client, we needed to start from scratch again. That’s when we decided to invest in creating a common interface between devices, which could talk across different communication networks and, being held together with the most relevant and flexible middleware, would help us build hybrid networks in order to develop, manage and integrate a variety of IoT solutions; thus Nebulae was born.

Connecting hundreds, let alone millions, of devices proves difficult when keeping in mind communication protocols, security, guaranteed message delivery, hardware and software updates.

Nebulae provides a platform wherein IoT solution developers can quickly and easily develop their solution and focus on delivering the business logic.

Q. What are the top application areas for Nebulae?

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A. There are so many IoT applications that have an opportunity to solve India’s entrenched problems; in cities, healthcare and agriculture. However, the greatest impact is in manufacturing. Nebulae can not only deliver Make In India but also add an intelligent, secure and scalable framework allowing factories to make a technological leap into Industry 4.0 such that we can compete globally. Nebulae allows for customised, predictive maintenance solutions, and optimisation solutions based on the ground realities in India, ultimately saving money and creating a better product.




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